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Nextcoworks is a Coworking office space in Bangalore where companies and people join hands to help in each other’s growth and development. A positive and creative work environment is what retains employees, in the long run, encourages and motivates them to work harder. We do exactly that and strive hard every day to make you feel homely and focussed at your place of work. We transform limited places and buildings into dynamic and positive environments to enhance your creativity, focus, and communication with co-workers. Nextcoworks help you in a providing you an Shared and Private office space within an ideal working condition which will help you in making new friends and allowing the best version of yourself to shine and contribute to an already successful group of people.

We try to inculcate the values of team spirit and unity into your workspace which in turn increases the productivity and rate of success of the firm. When your working conditions become fun, creative, and welcomes diverse opinions and improve its facilities according to the interests of people, it fosters growth and makes work feel like a walk in the park. Nextcoworks is an expanse designed for individuals who like to add a pinch of creativity to their work and tinker with their ideas. We make you feel like working from home and at the same time, enables you to establish a connection with your co-workers and engage yourself with facilities your home may not able to give you. We offer you a protected surrounding making you feel comfy and safe without getting distracted, thus helping you to engross fully in your work. We provide you with a co-working space built for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and even for midlevel companies. We bring companies and people together to work with each other and share ideas, widening the chances of success of their future collaborations. it’s best coworking office space located at BTM Layout, Bannergatta Road.

  • 90% Natural Lights
  • 100% Hygiene Level
  • 100% Power Backup