Best and good Coworking Space

We are covid19 ready coworking/Shared office space. We are keeping eyes on all the activities so, we don’t miss any spot. High usage surfaces are getting sanitized like door handles, entry doors, lift buttons, pantry area, washrooms & water dispensers etc. are sanitized frequently to maintain safety and hygiene. Our staff is COVID-19 ready. Every member has received training for following precautionary and safety measures for making great coworking office located near vega city mall near Jayanagar and JP nagar.

Here are a few top points:
1. We said no to Ductable AC: because if someone coughing or sneezing in any corner of office it will get spread on the entire floor. we have all dedicated AC’s
2. We said no to Cabin sharing: We have 100% Private enclose Cabin with dedicated Split AC. So, we need to get any distraction and spread of Covid just focus on your work rest we will take care of.
3. Sanitization of every parcel and courier: Everyone security matters for us! We sanitizer each and every parcel before you receive it.
4. Thermal Screening: Each and every entry to office premises will going through thermal screening.
5. Mask is mandatory: This is our responsibility to wear a mask for stopping the spread. Without mask no entry.
6. Automated Washrooms: Every possible touchpoint we have converted to automation. So you can use all the facilities and services without any hassle.